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Marceline Kougbani-Sebou, MSN, FNP-BC

Compassionate Care Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Class of 2016

"In class, we would discuss patients and interventions we could do to help them advance their health through preventative care. It helped me as a nurse and helped me decide I want to do more."

Marceline is committed to serving, and we are, too. Our nursing program taught her to provide a higher level of care, and the spark to go a step beyond. We provide a holistic education that empowers you to achieve your goals, so you can support patients in achieving their goals, too. Personal care and compassion. It's what we, and Marceline, provide in health care.
Marceline Kougbani-Sebou

What did you learn at SAU that you didn't expect to learn?

Marceline was working in a hospital when she started taking courses for her BSN. For her academic fieldwork, she chose to gain in-home care experience, teaching people how to manage their medications and following up later to see how they were doing. "It was not just about medication needs, it was about the well-being of patients. St. Ambrose helped me expand my skills to a higher level."

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How did field experience expand your professional skills?

Deeper Care

We take, and teach, a person-focused approach to health care. It makes a big difference and a deeper impact on those for whom you will care. "I am a much more compassionate and respectful nurse because SAU taught me to be more than I was. I now put more into patient care and making sure my patients are doing well outside the hospital and in their homes."


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How did SAU faculty help you succeed?

Providing a high-quality, student-focused nursing education helped Marceline achieve her goals. "At SAU, whenever you have a question or need something, the faculty is right there ready to help. That is awesome for a student."

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How do you see yourself advancing in your career?

SAU inspired Marceline to provide health care at a deeper, more personal level. It boosted her confidence and bolstered her drive to do more to care for her community. "I see myself working as nurse practitioner taking care of patients, and maybe advancing my education to a doctorate degree." Marceline completed her MSN and in early 2020 became a board-certified family nurse practitioner.


Why do you recommend the BSN program?

Empowering Education

"Going to SAU, you have the faculty right there and you have the best curriculum. You can complete your education and be well prepared to care for your patients at a higher level."

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So, what's next?

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